The most common questions I get on my web site are: 

  • How do I select FAVORITE photos?
  • How do I BUY photos?
  • How do I DOWNLOAD photos?

The Goal of this page is to help with those questions - to make Favoriting, Buying and Downloading photos easier. 

In understanding how all of this works, it is important to understand that my web site is hosted by a company called "Zenfolio" - which is a host for 1000's of photographers.  So how it is set up and what can be done as regards making Favorites, Buying and Downloading photos is done within the framework of the Zenfolio system. Note that Zenfolio is owned by a big printing company: a big part of their business plan is creating the opportunity for photographers and their customers to buy prints through this system. Note - you can buy your prints anywhere you want:  Costco, Walmart etc (many do).  But many find buying prints in this Zenfolio platform is more convenient than taking the images elsewhere for prints.  But the bottom line is how you wish to receive prints of your photos is completely up to you.  I'm an expert at all these options - please call (360-631-1222)  or email ([email protected]) me with any questions on ANY of this.. 


Here is a link to the clearest explanation on making favorites:  How to make Favorites

Here is a PDF File of the same:  How to Create Favorites - PDF

To BUY photos: 

Here is a link to the Zenfolio explanation on buying photos:  Buy

Here is a PDF file of Rick's discussion on buying photos from his site:  How to Buy Photos - PDF

To DOWNLOAD photos: 

Note downloads are not automatically available to everyone.  They are available if an arrangement has been made:  they have been purchased etc.. Also note that any "watermark" you see on the photo on my web site will be gone upon download (unless we've arranged otherwise)

To Download a photo simply do the following:

With an image in your screen, put your cursor / mouse pointer ANYWHERE on the image. 

Look at the TOP LEFT of the image:  once you've put your cursor/mouse point anywhere on the image, you will see a MENU drop down in the TOP LEFT CORNER of your image. 

Put your cursor / mouse on the MENU drop down in the top left corner, and - if downloads are available - you will see a "DOWNLOAD" option from which you can select and download to your computer for use with Facebook, emails, local prints. 

​Put your cursor anywhere on the image - and the "Menu" will appear in the top left corner:

Put your cursor on the "Menu" box, and the Option to Download will present: 

Families and Friends can download photos as well by choosing the Download Options as shown here:

These photos - with the "Rick Olsen Photography" Watermark on them, can be used on friends and family Facebook pages etc..